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M_Silvana Natural Health & Wellness

Centered on Natural Health and Wellness, providing a holistic approach to healing and personal growth. My services extend holistic health practices that integrate various traditional and innovative therapies to support overall well-being, such as Essential Oils, Bach Florals, along with a notion of proper dietary and life-style practices.
After becoming a Certified Health Coach and Natural Health Professional through Trinity School of Natural Health in 2021, we expanded our practice and, alongside physical health, we emphasize spiritual health though Angelic guidance, offering also Reiki healing, helping individuals connect with their higher self and the divine to receive all support in their journey.
We create a serene and supportive environment where clients can achieve personal equilibrium and enhanced health. Each session is tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach to wellness that aligns with each one's unique life path and wellness goals, fostering a deep sense of peace and vitality.


City / State / Virtual
Virtual and live in the greater Indianapolis, IN area

Practitioner Information

Trinity Designations
Certified Health Coach, Certified Natural Health Professional
Other Designations / Credentials
Reiki Practitioner L1
Services Offered
Holistic Health Coaching, Natural Health & Wellness Assessment, Reiki Healing, Angelic Guidance

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